Thursday, July 13, 2017

Princess Madeleine's homage to her sister: "It will be fun".

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill have landed in Sweden to celebrate the Victorian 40th birthday of the Crown Princess.
Exclusively to Expressen, the couple now tells how the family's private birthday celebration at Öland will look like - with dinner and gift delivery.
"Carl Philip and I have arranged a gift together," said Madeleine.
Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill, who usually live in London, landed in Sweden on Monday.
Since then, the couple has kept themselves lowkey and prepare before the big day. They have also met with friends and acquaintances. On Thursday Madeleine met her best friend Louise "Lussan" Gottlieb for lunch and they made several shopping together on the town.
But tomorrow is the big day. Then the Crown Princess celebrates her 40th birthday.
Madeleine and Chris will then attend the thanksgiving service in Stockholm and then fly to Öland to celebrate the Victorya Day organized there every year.
But it will also be a private celebration, of course.
"It will be so much fun. It's always fun to celebrate my sister on her birthday,"says Madeleine when Expressen meets her in Stockholm.
Chris O'Neill also looks forward to the big day.
"We look forward to celebrating her birthday," he says, adding: "My wife has arranged gifts from us. She has been responsible for steering it up," he says with a smile.
When Princess Madeleine hears what her husband has said, she laughs.
"Well, I'm well the best part of our family," she says with the glimpse of the eye, and continues:
"No, but Carl Philip and I have arranged a gift together. We have spoken together."
When will the Crown Princess get that gift?
"The program is full tomorrow, so I do not really know when it will be! Maybe it will be the day after," Madeleine says, laughing.
"No, it will be enough in the evening after she has been celebrated on Victora Day. Then we usually have a family dinner together and then we will celebrate her privately."
The rest of the summer, Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill will stay mainly in Sweden, something that the couple looks forward to.
This is where the entire royal family is gathered and Madeleine and Chris tell with great joy how they look forward to meeting the King, Queen and Victoria and Carl Philip with their respective families.
"It feels wonderful to be in Sweden. As always," Chris says.
"We are so excited to be in Sweden. The Swedish summer is the best, and spending it here and at Öland is something we appreciate very much,"said Madeleine.
Before Madeleine finishes she says smoothly:
"We look forward to this summer!"

Original article published by Expressen.

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