Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Prince for Sweden!

Photo: Expressen.
On Tuesday April 19 at 6.25 pm, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia had a son at Danderyd Hospital.
Weight: 3595 gr.
Length: 49 cm.
Both mother and child are in good health.”
 - Official Announcement by the Marshal of the Realm, Royal Court. 

It was on Tuesday that Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia entered the maternity ward at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm. 
At 18:28 o'clock was when the couple's first child came into the world.
There was a little boy, a son, which we of course are incredibly happy, says Prince.
Photo: Expressen.
The prince cut the umbilical cord himself and pays tribute to his wife after the birth: "To be part of this and see Sofia go through this is breathtaking. Sofia made a fantastic childbirth and did everything right. She did great." 
The couple had chosen not to find out the sex of the baby in föreväg and it was therefore a surprise if they would have a son or daughter. 
It was a choice we made quite early. We did not know the sex, but to have it as a big surprise, said Prince Carl Philip.
Photo: Expressen.
The newborn son is already well heard:
He has a good pair of lungs can say, said the prince.

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