Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Prince Daniel opens children's books exhibition in Berlin.

Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images Europe
At the beginning of his visit to Berlin (and first solo visit to Germany), Prince Daniel opened a new children's book exhibition. At the event, Daniel held a passionate plea for reading and reading aloud.
Prince Daniel is the recently became a father for the second time and he reads to his children happy stories.

- I remember the exhilarated feeling when the book of the month came home in the mail. I remember how my sister and I nagged mom and dad to read to us. I remember feeling to share an adventure. How imagination went away. How curiosity took off. The world became larger and suddenly lay before us", the prince said in his speech. He continued: - But. It is only now I understand how much the books, the stories and the pictures meant to me. Without them it would not have been as obvious to continue reading, pick up a book for a moment of entertainment, to seek knowledge or for that matter, to read to my own kids. We are fortunate to have so many talented children's authors and illustrators in Sweden. I am happy to see many of you here today. Thanks to you, we parents received keys to new worlds, to call and to the community. By your words, colors and shapes brought large and small issues."
Photo: Clemens Bilan/Getty Images Europe
About reading to Princess Estelle, the Prince said:

- To see the curiosity in my daughter's eyes when a new word pops up - "what does that mean?" Or when a new animal or figure is depicted - "what is it?". When we adults read to our children, they themselves take up a book to come. When children see us reading, the actual reading. You prominent authors and illustrators do all this a true joy. Thanks. Finally, I want to thank the Swedish embassy here in Germany that enables this effort. 
The exhibition is called "Frech, Wild & wunderbar" (Naughty, Wild and Wonderful) can be found at the Felleshus in the Nordic Embassies near Tiegarten in Berlin. 

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