Thursday, July 31, 2014

Official visit to Greenland- Programme.

Photo: AOP
Official programme for the Crown Princely family’s visit to Greenland from 1–8 August 2014 with The Royal Yacht Dannebrog.

1 August 2014: Igaliko

09.20-09.30: Official welcome in Igaliko.
09.40: Inspection of the Norse ruins.
10.15: “Bygdekaffe” (Igaliko is a “bygd” which is a village and “kaffe” is Danish for coffee).
10.55: Church visit. The Crown Princely couple will be shown a photo exhibition about Igaliko’s story.

1 August 2014: Narsaq

14.00-14.20: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Narsaq and go ashore.
14.35: The Crown Princess visits the Narsaq culture house. Meanwhile the Crown Prince visits the slaughterhouse Neqi A/S. 
15.10: Visit to the art workshop.
15.40: Visit to Greenland’s only School of Food and Nutrition, INUILI.
16.40: Visit to the Narsaq retirement home.
17.20: Visit to the Narsaq museum.
18.00-18.15: The Crown Princely couple departs Narsaq.

2 August 2014: Alluitsup Paa

09.00-09.15: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Alluitsup Paa and go ashore.
09.20: Visit to Alluitsup Paa’s new church.
10.15: Visit to the kindergarten MUKU. 
11.00: Kaffemik in the hall. A “kaffemik” is a traditional Greenlandic social gathering where people relax and enjoy each others company. “Kaffemik” is Greenlandic for “coffee, please”. 
11.30: Walk in the village.
12.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Alluitsup Paa.

2 August 2014: Nanortalik

16.00-16.20: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Nanortalik and go ashore.
16.25: Kaffemik.
17.00: Visit to the Nanortalik open-air museum.
17.40: Visit to the shelter Pilutaq.
18.00: Visit to the new school, Sekskanten.
18.35: Tour of Nanortalik by car.
19.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Nanortalik.

3 August 2014: Qaqortoq

09.45: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Qaqortoq and go ashore.
10.05: Tree planting and photographing of the 1968 and 1972 birth cohorts.
11.05: Visit to South Greenland’s learning centre’s Campus Kujalleq.
11.30: The Crown Princess visits the shelter Neriusaaq (Nanu children). Meanwhile the Crown Prince visits the fish factory Avataq.
11.55: The Crown Princess visits the kindergarten Inneriilat. Meanwhile the Crown Prince visits the school Sulisartut Højskoliat.
12.30: The Crown Princely couple attends lunch hosted by the commune of Kujalleq at the Hotel Qaqortoq.
13.30: Visit to the disability centre Ivaaraq.
14.00: Visit to Great Greenland.
14.45-15.20: The Crown Princely couple will attend a children’s football match and receive football jerseys for each of their four children.
16.00: The Crown Princely couple will host a reception on Dannebrog.
18.00: Dannebrog departs Qaqortoq.

4 August 2014: Paamiut

12.00: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Paamiut and go ashore.
12.30: Visit to the Family centre and prevention office of Paamiut.
13.15: Visit to “Lufthavssøen” (“the airport sea”). The Crown Princely couple will be shown pedal boats.
13.45: Children’s relay race. The Crown Princely couple will run along with the children of Paamiut.
14.30: Aerial photo. An aerial photo will be taken of the Crown Princely couple and a bunch of children standing in a heart formation and waving to the camera.
15.00: Kaffemik in the culture house Taqqissuut.
15.45: The Crown Princely couple will drive through town.
16.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Paamiut.

5 August 2014: Qeqertarsuatsiaat

09.00: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Qeqertarsuatsiaat and go ashore.
09.30: Walk to the viewpoint Telehuset (in case of bad weather, this will be replaced with a visit to the church instead).
10.00: Visit to the child care centre Amauligaq.
10.20: Visit to a youth club.
10.40: Refreshments with the citizens.
11.45: Visit to the workroom Amitsialak.
12.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Qeqertarsuatsiaat.

6-7 August 2014: Presumably Nuuk

Private 1,5 day off for the Crown Princely family.

7 August 2014: Nuuk

19.00: Official dinner in Nuuk at Hans Egede Hotel. The guests arrive at 18.50, the Crown Princely couple arrives at 19.10.

8 August 2014: Nuuk

09.30-09.40: Official reception in Nuuk.
10.00: Arrival at the City Hall and visit to the City Council Chamber.
10.45: Walk to the Inatsisartut (the Parliament of Greenland).
11.00: Visit to the Inatsisartut Chamber.
11.30: Visit to the Naalakkersuisut (the home rule government).
12.00: Visit to the Institute of Nature.
12.30: Lunch.
13.30: Visit to the Volunteer Centre.
14.00: The Crown Prince is presented to the Arctic Winter Games.
14.10: Meanwhile, the Crown Princess is visiting the children’s rights institution MIO.
14.45: Kaffemik in the culture house Katuaq.
16.00: Visit to the Arctic Command.
17.00: Reception by the Ivalo and Minik Foundation.
19.00: Reception at Dannebrog.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Church Service for the victims of Utøya.

Photo: Audun Braastad, NTB Scanpix.
22 July was the third anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the government quarters and the youths on Utøya. Crown Prince Haakon attended a church service at Oslo Cathedral with the theme "Peace tanks, future and a hope."
Prime Minister Erna Solberg and representatives from the official Norway were also present at the service. The service was led by the acting bishop Trond Bakkevik, acting dean Elisabeth Thorsen and Cathedral priest Birte Nordahl.  The Oslo Cathedral Choir participated during the service. The artist Maria Solheim performed the song "The stately dressed butterfly", accompanied by Martin Rosenhoff on cello. Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre of the Labor Party held a greeting before being invited to the lighting of candles in front of the church.
The church was open to anyone who wanted to participate.

Queen Sonja visits the Faroe Islands for the first time.

Photo: Jens Kristian Vang, NTB scanpix
On Saturday, 21 July, Queen Sonja arrived to the north archipelago of Norway on the Royal Yacht. The program included visits to the historic site Kirkjubøur and the Faroe Islands National Art Museum in Torshavn.
Kirkjubøur is a small village on the west coast of the island Streymoy, Faroe Islands. It is said that the Norwegian King Sverre Sigurdsson saga grew up in this village.
Photo: Jens Kristian Vang, NTB scanpix
The farmer Jóannes Patursson received the Queen and the rest of the group and showed them around the old Kirkjubøargardur Palace. The farm is the largest in the Faroe Islands, and the oldest part is from the year 1000. It makes the building one of the world's oldest inhabited wooden buildings.
In Kirkjubøargardur's smokehouse a lunch was arranged  before the tour proceeded to the capital Torshavn and the Faroe Islands National Art Museum - Listasavn Føroya.
Photo: Jens Kristian Vang, NTB scanpix
Director Nils Ohrt showed the Queen around the art museum which was established in 1989. With the tour was also Faroese Court of Kaj Leo Johannesen and ambassador Ingvar port.

Gråsten Photoshoot 2014.

Photo: Kim Agersten, POLFOTO
Members of the Danish and Zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg Royal Families gathered as every year in Gråsten Palace, located in Southern Jutland.
Photo: Henning Bagger, Scanpix ©
Led by Prince Christian, the family posed on the bridge that leads to the Princesshuset - where Queen Margrethe, Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie used to play as children.
Photo: AOP & Martin Høien, Billed Bladet

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Crown Prince Haakon's 41st Birthday.

Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix
Happy Birthday! Today, the Norwegian Crown Prince turns 41 and to celebrate, the Norwegian court released new photos of the Crown Prince Family, who is celebrating privately in Dvergsøya, Kristiansand.

Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix
Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix
Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix
Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix
Photo: Heiko Junge, NTB scanpix


Vacation for all

Their royal highnesses Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited on Thursday volunteers and participants on the summer camp the Red Cross arrange on Haraldvigen outside of Kristiansand. «Vacation for all» is a free vacation offer for families who have financial issues

Crown Princess Mette-Marit on a canoe trip with Betty (7), Joshua (2) and Kristin in Røde Kors (Foto: Thomas Andre Syvertsen, Røde Kors)
 The Red Cross makes sure all families gets the opportunity to go on vacation together. The stay gives the family with bad economy a possibility to create memories together.

Heraldvigen Summer camp has this week had 65 children and adults, together with volunteers from the Red Cross. The participants has been apart of several indoor-and outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming in the sea, canoeing, sailing, etc.

The Crown Prince Couple was welcomed Heraldvigen by the camp leader Øistein Hagen. Acting Secretary-General in Red Cross Grete Herlofsen then gave the couple a briefing on vacation offer.
Foto: Thomas Andre Syvertsen, Røde Kors
During the hour long visit the Crown Prince Couple toured the island, and they participated in a conversation with a family staying at the camp.

Foto: Thomas Andre Syvertsen, Røde Kors

Saturday, July 19, 2014


HM King Harald (Photo: Cathrine Wessel)

Condolences from His Majesty the King to His Majesty The King of the Netherlands and His Majesty The King of Malaysia.

I was deeply saddened by hearing about the tragic loss of so many lives on Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 that departed from Amsterdam on Thursday July 17th en route for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On behalf of myself and the Norwegian people, I am sending you my condolences and ask you to convey my condolences and deepest sympathy to those bereaved or otherwise afflicted by this terrible disaster.

Harald R

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Victoriadagen 2014.

Photo: AOP
14 July is the day Crown Princess Victoria celebrates her birthday, a day known in Sweden as 'Victoriadagen' (Victoria Day).
Per tradition, the celebrations are held in Solliden Palace, and they started when the King, Queen, Crown Princess, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle greeted the well-wishers that gathered outside.
Photo: AOP
In the afternoon, the traditional concert took place in Öland. The entire Royal Family was in attendance, as well as Sofia Hellqvist, Prince Carl Philip's fiancée.
Photo: Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images Europe


Monday, July 7, 2014

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist attend the Peace & Love Festival + Interview.

Prince Carl Philip and fiancée Sofia Hellqvist visited the Dalarna County to attend the Festival “Peace & Love” in Borlänge.
Sofia Hellqvist is one of seven members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation “Peace and Love” that manages the festival.
The couple has also given an exclusive interview to DT, a Swedish news agency, where they talked about their first meeting, their relationship, the engagement, and hope for the future. We have the translation here!
They looked shyly at each other, and then say it clicked at the first meeting.
I'm here for the most beautiful reason in the world, and it is love. As long as it is strong, I'm strong, says Sofia about the future life as a princess.
It feels right. We have received tremendous support from all over the country but especially here in Dalarna, she says, talking about the feeling of security when she passes the Älvdalen sign on the way home. In Kåtilla she has a private room left in her parents' house.
It was the best choice when my parents made the move back, says Sofia who remembers a childhood filled with activities - theater, dancing, singing, basketball, skiing, orienteering, pistol shooting ... She is one which takes advantage of opportunities, and doesn't remain on the station as the train passes.
Prince Carl Philip talks about the warmth and respect he met in the playground. Although his home district is a major city, he feels at home in the municipality where each resident has one square to move on.
People are friendly. I like to come home with Sofia, where there is the same feeling that I'm used to from my own family, he says.
DT met the couple last Friday in Falun. They are in Dalarna to visit the Peace & Love Festival in Borlänge. Sofia Hellqvist sits on the board of the festival and this year she is most interested in the panel discussions, especially those dealing with diversity and racism.
It's been exactly one week after the engagement. How does it feel?
Wonderful. Quite right. It's like coming home. We haven't had ime to meet as much as Sofia has been in Almedalen ... but I've still been happy all week, says Prince Carl Philip and said that he was excited about the courtship.
I was nervous and loaded. My whole body felt like it pulsed. I woke up several times at night before, I do not know if Sofia noticed. I wanted it to be a surprise, he says.
He managed to surprise me, but I did think he was strangely refreshed that morning, says Sofia. Otherwise, he is the one of the two who wakes up at six or seven in the morning and is ready for the day.
The ring glistens and the sun is blazing, and there is no doubt about the warmth between the newly engaged. A few minutes into the interview, they take each other's hands, and they sit like that through the whole conversation.
Tell us about the first meeting?
We met at a lunch. I sat there with some friends, and you came in with a friend of yours, who knew my friends. It just clicked right away, says Prince Carl Philip.
We looked shyly at each other, and some said it clicked, but I would have never believed that it would end like this. Everyone who knows Carl Philip notices at once that he is an incredibly humble, warm and kind person. This can be seen in your eyes directly and who can resist that. The more I got to know you, the more it grew, says Sofia Hellqvist.
Other hit then?
It was when you asked if I would like to go on the go-cart. You probably wanted to show your racing skills, says Sofia teasingly to the prince.
It creeps forward to that first date turned into competition, even if Prince Carl Philip first chuckle deterrence, so he may admit.
I thought it would just be a little quiet ride, but we had other friends who pulled away and then flew fan in me, and I thought "whatever" said the prince whose competitive spirit awakens in terms of motorsport.
I had lots of fun, and he succeeded after all. I think we won, says Sofia Hellqvist. And now it's probably no longer on go-carts, but about love.
You have been a couple for almost five years. What is the difference between being engaged?
The biggest change is probably that people had the opportunity to come up and congratulate, when I was in Almedalen, but also on the street in Stockholm, Now we get to do things together, have better guidance and know where we are going. It's a little sketchy before taking this step, says Sofia Hellqvist.
How she is supposed to represent is not decided yet. Even before the engagement, Sofia Hellqvist has been invited to family events like Madeleine's wedding and Estelle's baptism.Now she is automatically a guest at public events where Carl Philip is involved. For the prince is a great joy that they can now play together.
It was so great to do that press conference last Friday when we told them about the engagement, having finally Sofia by my side, it's us.There was a huge confidence in it, a feeling that I have not felt before. I've been with my parents, and my sisters have their men. Now I finally have my baby, my security, says Prince Carl Philip.
The wedding will be next summer. Can you tell me more about when and where?
We really haven't had time to talk time and place for the wedding yet. It was busy around the engagement, and then Sofia went to Almedalen.
First, we naturally get to the wedding. Children should naturally come in the future, but we are really taking one step at a time, says Sofia Hellqvist.
Now we want to live, do things together, enjoy being us says Prince Carl Philip.
Both the prince and Sofia Hellqvist are working full time. When DT meets the couple Falun, she will then direct from Almedalen where she disseminated information about the organization Project Playground.
It's the best job, I'm passionate about it and feel that our work makes a difference, says Sofia Hellqvist.
The couple finds that commitment often rubs off in a relationship. The prince is interested in and sits on the board of Project Playground. Sofia, in turn, is a sounding board when he wants to test ideas in his work as a graphic designer.
There is a strong woman behind every successful man, says Sofia laughing. There is a strong man behind every successful woman, the prince replies. No, you know, it's the combination, we support each other, both say. As I said at the press conference when we were engaged - at last, we are a team, and we're a good team, says Prince Carl Philip.
You both work hard, what makes a good day out, when you do not work 110 percent?
The landing gear of the thong which is our breathing, we value enormously. Sometimes it feels like the only place in the world where we can just be us. We cut the grass, spike things up, go for long walks and cuddle with our border terrier Siri, says Prince Carl Philip and Sofia - as often one begins the sentence, and then other fills in.
Besides that, how you connect to?
My best relaxation is yoga, which is a big part of my life. And so the wild, and to come home to playground. I'm social, but I need to be myself sometimes, says Sofia Hellqvist, who also likes to read. I'm omnivorous. Lately, there have been stories from reality, sad fate - everything from the Holocaust to the prostitutes girls in India ... But I might as well read a romance novel, you know, same story every time, but I love it just as much, says Sofia.
You mean the one that started off on a go-cart track? says Prince Carl Philip, smiling.
The prince likes motorsport, which he was indulged in since he was little. He runs six racing weekends of the year, a total of twelve races.
For me it's my relaxation, a way to relax from everything else. Racing requires focus.When I get into the car, it's just where and when applicable. There is not a chance to think otherwise because then booms man and sits in the rack says Prince Carl Philip.
You both like to ski. Will you be there at the Vasa relay next year?
We'll see, we both work so much and do not have time to exercise. We drive in Älvdalen, and last winter it was possible to make the rounds at Gärdet in Stockholm, said the prince.
No, it was not in Vaasa tracks which he first visited the playground. He made this clear during military service when he coached winter war in Trängslet.
Last winter when the couple went VasaStafetten Sofia Hellqvist had been sick the week before, but she held still his leg.
That man has taken on, it carries you, says Sofia Hellqvist is happy that the prince who went first stretch awaited her in Eldris.
The sun warms. We talked for over an hour. The atmosphere is relaxed and the interview will take whatever time it takes. When the couple gets up comes a grålockig lady from Norrköping and asks shyly get to take a picture. They posing friendly, just as they do a little later down at Faluån, when two young guys suddenly brakes and jumps out of the car with smartphones at the ready.
Now you're a public figure, Sofia. How do you handle celebrity and gossip?
It's probably a reason that we have not taken this step earlier. I've wanted to get me, it's a gradual process of being recognized all the time, from that have not been there.
That I had with me from the beginning is that I have a strong identity and self-image.It's both boos and laptop in reporting, but I know who I am and the values ​​I have. So it has been ever since I was little. It is important to always recognize himself, no matter what people say.
Prince Daniel comes from a similar background, from Ockelbo. Have you been advised by him?
Yes, Daniel has a lot of good advice, we're talking pretty much says Sofia Hellqvist who feels confident about the future life as a princess.
I'm here for the most beautiful reason in the world, and it is love. As long as it is strong, I'm strong, she says


Three generations in Skansen.

King Carl Gustaf, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle visited Skansen in Stockholm in early summer.
On Lill-Skansen Princess Estelle got to watch the goats and take a ride with the aid of the King and the Crown Princess. The visit also included a look at the Bears and the colorful parrots.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary at Roskilde Festival.

Photo: Lars H. Laursen/Billed Bladet
On July 3rd, Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik arrived hand-in-hand to Roskilde Festival, where the Crown Princess revealed that it's her first time attending Denmark's largest music festival.
I am really looking forward to experience the special atmosphere that there is at the Roskilde Festival. I'm really happy to be here and it is the first time for my part, said a happy Crown Princess
Photo: Lars H. Laursen/Billed Bladet
Photographers and journalists surrounded the couple as they came out of a tour bus that had transported them, as well as several other of the great cattle show room in Roskilde. And there was no doubt about what the couple had come to hear.
We should see the Rolling Stones, of course we do, said the Crown Prince to the waiting reporters before being directed into a tent area reserved only for musicians. 
Photo: Lars H. Laursen/Billed Bladet
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and Family to move to Copenhagen.

Prince Joachim has lived in Shackenborg Palace in South Jutland for more than 20 years. Now, he and Princess Marie have decided to move to Copenhagen. Shackenborg Palace will be left to the care of the newly stablished Shackenborg Foundation founded by Prince Joachim, the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation, Ecco Holding and Ole Kirk's Foundation, with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie as patrons.
The background to the establishment of the fund is that the operation of the castle with its attendant agriculture is difficult to reconcile with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's other activities and involvement in official duties and patronages. The couple also want to move to Copenhagen area for family considerations.
Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are committed to maintain their close ties to the Møgeltønder community in Jutland. As patron, the couple will therefore continue to reside in the Palace for small periods of the year.
"Princess Marie and I are pleased with the solution that we have found with the founders of the new fund. It has been a difficult decision to leave Schakenborg, but I'm convinced that this solution ensures Schackenborg's future "says Prince Joachim. 
The founders made a deposit of 113 million USD in the establishment of Schakenborg Foundation. Prince Joachim gave a deposit of 13 million, the same to the value of the people's present that was given to Schakenborg in 1995.
The fund's objective is to maintain Schackenborg Palace as one of the region's most important historic buildings and ensure that the cultural value that the Palace has for the region, continues to evolve.
The Schakenborg Fund will be responsible for the maintenance of Schackenborg Palace and park and the manage of the agricultural land falling under the Fund.

The Fund's stablishment will come to effect on 1st July.