Monday, February 29, 2016

Norwegian roundup: King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon

Photo: Cornelius Poppe
Today, King Harald was present at the Supreme Court when Justice Tore Schei had his last working day.
Justice Chief is the head of the Supreme Court, and as such ranked fourth in the country, after the King, President of the Storting and the Prime Minister. All four attended the farewell ceremony of the Justice Chief today.
Tore Schei goes retiring after leading the nation's highest court since 2002. The Supreme Court has 20 judges, including the Justice Chief, and its main task is to seek clarification of the law and legal development.

Photo: Asgeir Spange Brekke, Forsvarsdepartementet
Meanwhile, Crown Prince Haakon laid the first stone of the new main base for the fighter aircrafts in Orland. When the new F-35 fighter planes arrive, the squadron will be built to be an important element in the implementation of effective education and training at the air base in Orland.
The new building will be on the entire 10,000 square meters and will accommodate two F-35 squadrons and a maintenance squadron. In addition, it will also contain eight simulators for operation planning, training and exercises.
The building will be ready in late 2016 so that it can cater for the new aircrafts being delivered in 2017. Before the ceremony, the Crown Prince had a briefing on the construction and status of the project by the CEO of the agency, Frode Sjursen.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary in Saudi Arabia: Day 1.

Photo:Khan Tariq Mikkel
From 28 February to 1 March 2016, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will participate in a Danish business promotional campaign in Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh. Then, from 2 to 3 March 2016, the couple will visit Qatar's capital, Doha.
During the visit, the Crown Prince Couple will be accompanied by the Foreign Relations Minister, the Minister of Health and the Business and Growth Minister. The primary goal of the visit is to straighten the trade in the areas of sustainability, health, food products, education and design.
On the first day of visit, in the morning the Couple were given a sight-seeing tour of Riyadh, which included a tour of Ad'Diriyah, a historical city that has been an UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010.

The Crown Prince Couple had lunch with King Salman of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince had a private audience wit the King, during which they "reviewed bilateral relations and aspects of cooperation between the two countries."

Photo: Khan Tariq Mikkel

In the evening, Crown Prince Frederik attended a dinner at the Danish embassy. Crown Princess Mary was also scheduled to attend the dinner, however, she recieved an invitation for dinner from Princess Latifa and Princess Al Jawhara, two of the King's sisters.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Program for King Carl XVI Gustaf's 70th Birthday celebrations.

Photo: Stella
By the end of April, King Carl XVI Gustaf  is turning 70 - and of course it should be celebrated with pomp and circumstance. The court just released the official program for the festivities. 

Monday, April 25

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Forestry & Agricultural Academy, the Royal War Sciences and the Royal Naval Academy organize a Baltic Seminar
Location: The Royal. dramatic Theatre
Time: 19:00

Tuesday, April 26

Defence music in front of a birthday concert
Location: Royal Chapel, the Royal Palace
Time: 18:00

Thursday, April 28

Authorities and organizations are given the opportunity to woo the King at a reception.
Location: Royal Palace
Time: 10:00

Friday, April 29

Authorities and organizations are given the opportunity to woo the King at a reception
Location: Royal Palace
Time: 10:00
The royal art academies celebrate the King
Location: Guldfoajén, Royal. Opera
Time: 15:00
The Royal Opera and Stockholm Concert Hall will give a concert on the occasion of the King's 70-year celebration
Location: Nordic Museum
Time: 19:00

Saturday, April 30

Te Deum on the occasion of the commemoration of the King's 70th birthday 
Location: Royal Chapel, the Royal Palace
Time: 10:00
Armed Forces celebration of the King with music and changing of the guard
Location: Outer Courtyard, Royal Palace
Time: 10:30
Choral singing
Location: Lion hill terrace
Time: 12:15
After the choral singing, the Royal Family makes a procession to the City Hall, where the city of Stockholm offers a lunch
Location: Royal Palace of Stockholm City Hall
Time: 13:00 cortege departs from the Royal Palace
Parliament, the Government and the governors, courting the king at a reception
Location: Royal Palace
Time: 15:30
Banquet for invited guests
Location: State Hall, the Royal Palace
Time: 19:30

Crown Princess Victoria's meeting on UN's global goals.

Crown Princess Victoria held a meeting with Cabinet Secretary Annika Söder, State Secretary Ulrika Modéer and Secretary Roswall Annelie Ljunggren at the Royal Palace in Stockholm this Thursday.
The meeting discussed the UN's global goals for sustainable development and the Crown Princess' ambassadorship for global goals.

Earlier this year UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed the Crown Princess as a member of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Advocacy Group. The Crown Princess is one of 16 ambassadors and the group's mission is to promote in different ways the UN's goal of sustainable development, Agenda by 2030.

Diplomatic reception at the Royal Palace.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia held on Thursday, 25 February a diplomatic reception at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
On a few occasions per year newly appointed ambassadors have the opportunity respectively to meet the King and Queen at a reception at the Royal Palace.

The first time the newly appointed ambassadors meet the King is when they present their credentials at the formal audiences. At the diplomatic reception there may also be a chance to meet the Queen, as well as other representatives from the Foreign Ministry.
This time, the King and Queem met the ambassadors from Ukraine, South Africa and Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Monday, February 22, 2016

Princess Madeleine's Fairytale Party.

Photo: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset
Princess Madeleine as patron of Min Stora Dag (a Swedish fundraising foundation that makes the dreams of children and young people with serious illnesses all over Sweden come true) threw a Fairytale Party at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Photo: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset
12 children between 5-8 years from all over Sweden came to the Palace dressed as Princes and Princesses on Princess Madeleine's request. Princess Leonore was also in attendance.

Photo: Min Stora Dag Facebook
Princess Madeleine welcomed everyone and then the guests were treated with juice, cookies and cake. After a moment of playing, Tobbe Wizard appeared, then rounded off the party with a fish pond and more games.
Photo: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset

Photo: Kate Gabor/Kungauset


Prince Daniel Attends "Alla på snö" + Interview.

Today Prince Daniel was on skis in connection with his visit to the project "Alla på snö". At half past nine this morning, Prince Daniel was in Gärdet in Stockholm to attend the project "All in the snow", an initiative of the Swedish Ski Association where hundreds of fourth graders each year do the test of skiing. The project started in 2009 and since then 90,000 children had the chance to slide on snow.

"I think this is a fantastic opportunity for children to try out skiing and be introduced to winter sports. The positive habits and the feeling of "I can handle this challenge", it is important to get there early in life. Get good confidence on the physical plane as a child, then there is a greater chance that the motivation persists as an adult." -Prince Daniel

Svensk Damtidning had an opportunity to chat a little with Prince Daniel during his visit.

How good of a skier is the Prince himself?
Prince Daniel: I'll let you decide yourselves when you see how I go
Does the Prince prefer cross country or downhill?
Prince Daniel: It's very nice exercise to go cross country, but I prefer to go downhill.
Who is the best (skier) in the family?
Prince Daniel: My wife, Estelle and then me.
So Estelle is better than you?
Prince Daniel: Yes. Very much better.

How much has she gone (skiing)?
Prince Daniel: She has gone a few times per season the past two years.
Is Estelle a very competitive person?
Prince Daniel: She is a little competitive person, she is. I think she has inherited it from mom and dad.
The family is expected to increase anytime soon. How does it feel? 
Prince Daniel: It feels very good. They might be skiing buddies, we'll see!
Do we have to wait longer?
Prince Daniel: Yes, you must be patient!

Photos: Stella Pictures.