Thursday, July 31, 2014

Official visit to Greenland- Programme.

Photo: AOP
Official programme for the Crown Princely family’s visit to Greenland from 1–8 August 2014 with The Royal Yacht Dannebrog.

1 August 2014: Igaliko

09.20-09.30: Official welcome in Igaliko.
09.40: Inspection of the Norse ruins.
10.15: “Bygdekaffe” (Igaliko is a “bygd” which is a village and “kaffe” is Danish for coffee).
10.55: Church visit. The Crown Princely couple will be shown a photo exhibition about Igaliko’s story.

1 August 2014: Narsaq

14.00-14.20: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Narsaq and go ashore.
14.35: The Crown Princess visits the Narsaq culture house. Meanwhile the Crown Prince visits the slaughterhouse Neqi A/S. 
15.10: Visit to the art workshop.
15.40: Visit to Greenland’s only School of Food and Nutrition, INUILI.
16.40: Visit to the Narsaq retirement home.
17.20: Visit to the Narsaq museum.
18.00-18.15: The Crown Princely couple departs Narsaq.

2 August 2014: Alluitsup Paa

09.00-09.15: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Alluitsup Paa and go ashore.
09.20: Visit to Alluitsup Paa’s new church.
10.15: Visit to the kindergarten MUKU. 
11.00: Kaffemik in the hall. A “kaffemik” is a traditional Greenlandic social gathering where people relax and enjoy each others company. “Kaffemik” is Greenlandic for “coffee, please”. 
11.30: Walk in the village.
12.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Alluitsup Paa.

2 August 2014: Nanortalik

16.00-16.20: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Nanortalik and go ashore.
16.25: Kaffemik.
17.00: Visit to the Nanortalik open-air museum.
17.40: Visit to the shelter Pilutaq.
18.00: Visit to the new school, Sekskanten.
18.35: Tour of Nanortalik by car.
19.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Nanortalik.

3 August 2014: Qaqortoq

09.45: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Qaqortoq and go ashore.
10.05: Tree planting and photographing of the 1968 and 1972 birth cohorts.
11.05: Visit to South Greenland’s learning centre’s Campus Kujalleq.
11.30: The Crown Princess visits the shelter Neriusaaq (Nanu children). Meanwhile the Crown Prince visits the fish factory Avataq.
11.55: The Crown Princess visits the kindergarten Inneriilat. Meanwhile the Crown Prince visits the school Sulisartut Højskoliat.
12.30: The Crown Princely couple attends lunch hosted by the commune of Kujalleq at the Hotel Qaqortoq.
13.30: Visit to the disability centre Ivaaraq.
14.00: Visit to Great Greenland.
14.45-15.20: The Crown Princely couple will attend a children’s football match and receive football jerseys for each of their four children.
16.00: The Crown Princely couple will host a reception on Dannebrog.
18.00: Dannebrog departs Qaqortoq.

4 August 2014: Paamiut

12.00: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Paamiut and go ashore.
12.30: Visit to the Family centre and prevention office of Paamiut.
13.15: Visit to “Lufthavssøen” (“the airport sea”). The Crown Princely couple will be shown pedal boats.
13.45: Children’s relay race. The Crown Princely couple will run along with the children of Paamiut.
14.30: Aerial photo. An aerial photo will be taken of the Crown Princely couple and a bunch of children standing in a heart formation and waving to the camera.
15.00: Kaffemik in the culture house Taqqissuut.
15.45: The Crown Princely couple will drive through town.
16.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Paamiut.

5 August 2014: Qeqertarsuatsiaat

09.00: The Crown Princely couple arrives in Qeqertarsuatsiaat and go ashore.
09.30: Walk to the viewpoint Telehuset (in case of bad weather, this will be replaced with a visit to the church instead).
10.00: Visit to the child care centre Amauligaq.
10.20: Visit to a youth club.
10.40: Refreshments with the citizens.
11.45: Visit to the workroom Amitsialak.
12.00: The Crown Princely couple departs Qeqertarsuatsiaat.

6-7 August 2014: Presumably Nuuk

Private 1,5 day off for the Crown Princely family.

7 August 2014: Nuuk

19.00: Official dinner in Nuuk at Hans Egede Hotel. The guests arrive at 18.50, the Crown Princely couple arrives at 19.10.

8 August 2014: Nuuk

09.30-09.40: Official reception in Nuuk.
10.00: Arrival at the City Hall and visit to the City Council Chamber.
10.45: Walk to the Inatsisartut (the Parliament of Greenland).
11.00: Visit to the Inatsisartut Chamber.
11.30: Visit to the Naalakkersuisut (the home rule government).
12.00: Visit to the Institute of Nature.
12.30: Lunch.
13.30: Visit to the Volunteer Centre.
14.00: The Crown Prince is presented to the Arctic Winter Games.
14.10: Meanwhile, the Crown Princess is visiting the children’s rights institution MIO.
14.45: Kaffemik in the culture house Katuaq.
16.00: Visit to the Arctic Command.
17.00: Reception by the Ivalo and Minik Foundation.
19.00: Reception at Dannebrog.

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