Monday, February 22, 2016

Prince Daniel Attends "Alla på snö" + Interview.

Today Prince Daniel was on skis in connection with his visit to the project "Alla på snö". At half past nine this morning, Prince Daniel was in Gärdet in Stockholm to attend the project "All in the snow", an initiative of the Swedish Ski Association where hundreds of fourth graders each year do the test of skiing. The project started in 2009 and since then 90,000 children had the chance to slide on snow.

"I think this is a fantastic opportunity for children to try out skiing and be introduced to winter sports. The positive habits and the feeling of "I can handle this challenge", it is important to get there early in life. Get good confidence on the physical plane as a child, then there is a greater chance that the motivation persists as an adult." -Prince Daniel

Svensk Damtidning had an opportunity to chat a little with Prince Daniel during his visit.

How good of a skier is the Prince himself?
Prince Daniel: I'll let you decide yourselves when you see how I go
Does the Prince prefer cross country or downhill?
Prince Daniel: It's very nice exercise to go cross country, but I prefer to go downhill.
Who is the best (skier) in the family?
Prince Daniel: My wife, Estelle and then me.
So Estelle is better than you?
Prince Daniel: Yes. Very much better.

How much has she gone (skiing)?
Prince Daniel: She has gone a few times per season the past two years.
Is Estelle a very competitive person?
Prince Daniel: She is a little competitive person, she is. I think she has inherited it from mom and dad.
The family is expected to increase anytime soon. How does it feel? 
Prince Daniel: It feels very good. They might be skiing buddies, we'll see!
Do we have to wait longer?
Prince Daniel: Yes, you must be patient!

Photos: Stella Pictures.


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