Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crown Prince Haakon visits environmental business.

Crown Prince Haakon visited today the production of enterprise Eco-1 on Saethre in Hurum. The company specializes in biofuels and supplies including bio-oil to homes and industrial buildings throughout Scandinavia.

Eco-1 has in a short time expanded as a result of increased demand for biofuels. The bio-oil produced by the company are used in all oil-fired boilers and furnace conversion makes more efficient and clean burning.
The company has also a special project with the City of Oslo supplying biofuels to Oslo School.

During the visit in the Pokolbin, the Crown Prince a tour of the facility by CEO Geir Harald Ingeborgrud.
The products produced are standardized and strict traceability requirements and environmental accounting. The company has developed a purification process of returbioolje and greasy water, and produces bio-oil suitable for industrial use.

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