Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Swedish Royal Roundup

On Monday, March 3, Prince Daniel visited the training Hyper Island activities center at Telefonplan in Stockholm. Hyper Island is a Swedish education company specializing in digital and interactive media.
The Prince was given a presentation of the activities of the CEO Johanna Frelin, Per- Vidar Lundberg, global manager of corporate training, public relations manager Alexandra Jerselius and Roger Sjögren responsible for the master class workshops.

Today, the King held an Advisory Council at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The Advisory Council is a consultative body between the parliament and the government where the King sits in the chair. The Board consists of the President and nine other members of parliament and nine deputies.

Advisory Council is convened by the government. The Constitution states that "The Government shall keep the Advisory Council informed on the foreign policy conditions that may be of importance for the country and discuss with the Board on these as often as needed."


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