Friday, August 1, 2014

Official visit to Greenland - Igaliko.

Photo: Keld Navntoft
Prince Christian led the way, when he and his three younger siblings and the crown prince couple began their 8-day Greenland expedition. It is the first time that the couple is visiting the country with all their four children.
Photo: Keld Navntoft
The trip includes visits to nine cities and it initiated in South Greenland, where the family visited Igaliku.
When the family arrived at Igaliku -that only has about 30 inhabitants-, they were received with both singing and gifts. All four children were each given their warm Greenland sweater before Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary with the children moved on to the village's Norse ruins.
Photo: Keld Navntoft
The Crown Prince and the Royal Family have always had a close relationship with Greenland. For example, the royal couple decided to give their twins Greenlandic middle names and were named Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander and Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda.


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