Friday, March 13, 2015

Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Prince Frederik open a new power connection.

Photo: Scanpix
From opposite sides of the Skagerrak strait, Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon and Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik switched on a new power connection between their two countries.
At the exact same time as Frederik turned a handle in Denmark, Haakon turned a matching handle in Norway to let electricity flow freely between the two regions.
During the handle turning, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Prince Haakon were able to speak to each other via a live TV-transmission.

The new cable, which runs from Kristianssand in Norway to Viborg in Denmark, is 240 kilometres in length and is the fourth of its kind running underwater across Skagerrak. The price of this new connection is 2.6 billion Danish kroner.

Photo: Scanpix
Photo: Scanpix
Creating this new power connection between Denmark and Norway means that selling and buying electricity among the two countries has now become easier.

Text via Royalista.

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