Friday, March 13, 2015

Crown Princess Mary presents award to Princess Mabel.

Photo: AOP
Warm hugs and triumphant laughs were shared when Crown Princess Mary proudly received her good friend Princess Mabel, the widow of Prince Friso, on stage at the Champions for Change event at the enchantingly stunning Banqueting Hall in London on Thursday.
As patron of the event, Crown Princess Mary shared the key role with the evening’s award winners one of them being Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau. All the winners were awarded with the Champions for Change Award for their work promoting women’s and girls’ rights. Princess Mabel was commended for her efforts in seeking to end child marriages.
Photo: AOP
Crown Princess Mary and Princess Mabel are both passionate advocates of equality between the sexes, and as Mabel arrived on stage she was greeted with approving smiles from her Danish colleague with whom she shared warm hugs and kisses on the cheek.
Wearing a powder pink, pleated dress with a brooch-like detail at the neck, Crown Princess Mary delivered the event’s keynote speech in which she spoke about her recent working visit to Ethiopia and the harsh encounter with circumcised girls from the Afar region.

Her speech was well received by the predominantly English audience in the Banqueting Hall, after which Mary was hailed by the next speaker on stage.
Text via Royalista.

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