Sunday, February 2, 2014

Swedish Royal Roundup.

On Thursday, 30 January, Prince Daniel presented the prize to Entrepreneur of the Year at a gala at the City Hall in Stockholm.
This year's Entrepreneur of the Year went to Erik Arpi from Aktiebolaget Pictura.

Prince Daniel gave a speech during the ceremony in the town hall and said among other things:
"I dream of entrepreneurship will be the next big social movement and together we create a culture where the venture is to succeed. Getting to spend the evening with you entrepreneurs - community builder - is for me a true delight!
I have great respect for you. I know how hard you work hard to develop your company and to achieve your goals while you build our common Sweden stronger. "

On Friday 31 January, the King visited Lund University, ESS and MAX IV.
The visit began when The King was welcomed at Lund University by Rector Per Eriksson and Chief of Protocol Carin Brenner. 
Harriet Bulkeley is in 2014 the holder of the King Carl XVI Gustaf Visiting Professor of Environmental Science, a professorship that was established in 1996 at the King's 50th birthday. The professorship go every year to a prominent foreign researchers who can contribute to the renewal of Swedish environmental science. Harriet Bulkeley research primarily on three areas:
  • to develop systems for how regions and cities can work with environmental issues
  • issues surrounding urbanization and its impacts on the environment
  • how environmental issues are managed both cross-border between the state and private companies.
Subsequently the king hear a short speech by Frederick Tersmeden about "Candidate Sprinchorn and sjönöten - a story of academic environmental responsibility. "
After lunch, King visited ESS and MAX IV is currently being built near near Lund.


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