Sunday, February 2, 2014

Norwegian Royal Roundup.

On 29 January HRH Crown Prince Haakon attended the First Dignity Day at vestby high school in Akershus with 350 students and 20 tutors. Students shared stories about what is needed to turn their own and others' lives for the better.

It was shared stories about identity, bullying and to help others who are in a difficult situation. One of the students told of how he had changed from being a bully in elementary school. The bully victim had to change schools, and it also went in on them that had bothered him.
- All here is a manager, said the Crown Prince of conclusion and asked students to reflect on how they wanted to spend their lives and their resources. - What footprint do you want to leave?

International guests

Crown Prince Haakon was invited vestby high school in connection with the Comenius project "Stay at school, for your future" that goes this week. Pupils and teachers from Lithuania, France, Denmark and Spain were therefore the approach.
The visit ended with lunch as students from the school department, restaurant and food processing had made.
On 31 January, Their Majesties the King and Queen met with rescuers and residents of Flatanger - a municipality that was hit by fires.
The royal couple met people who had lost homes and industry. The King also expressed his sympathy and admiration for the efforts of rescuers and volunteers in a letter to the mayor earlier this week.
The visit began at the community center Lauvsnes. School and kindergarten children gave royal couple a warm welcome, before meeting with those responsible for crisis management and representatives of the task forces began inside the Lauvsnes school.
The King and Queen were given a briefing on the incident and the difficult firefighters, before Mayor Olav Jørgen Bjørkås accompanied the King and Queen on the areas that were hardest hit.

On the same day, Crown Princess Mette-Marit visited Balder Textile in Oslo


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