Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prince Henrik in Indonesia Jan 30 - Feb 6

HRH The Prince Consort as President of WWF Denmark traveled to Indonesia on 30 January to 6 February 2014.

The Prince Consort was on the trip accompanied by Secretary General of WWF Denmark Gitte Seeberg and partners who provide support for WWF's work in the Coral Triangle in Indonesia. During the visit, the Prince Consort visited various WWF projects, including Turtle Conservation and Education Center on the island of Bali, which works to protect sea turtles. The center also works to educate the locals in protecting the vulnerable animals.

On Sunday, 2 February, the Prince Consort made a visit to the fishing village of Pasir Putih on the  island of Messa. The local fishermen, who used to be fishing with dynamite, are now using fishing methods that are not harmful to coral reefs and fisheries.

A local school received during the visit a donation for the improvement of the school.
HRH The Prince Consort with children of a local school
In connection with the trip the Prince Consort said:
"I am once again been very happy to be traveling with WWF. This way I can see for myself how important the work is. And it's always great to be with others, who are motivated to support nature. "

On Wednesday 5 February the Prince Consort visited Cecer village on the island of Flores, where WWF in Co-operation with the Danish Ornithological Society work on a nature conservation project.

The picture shows the Prince Consort dressed village party clothes.


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