Saturday, August 23, 2014

Queen Sonja opens Nor-Fishing.

Photo: Carl-Erik Eriksson
On 19 August, Her Majesty Queen Sonja opened the Nor-Fishing 2014. The opening of the traditional fisheries trade was dominated by women in key roles. 
Women are now increasingly more important actors in the industry, said the Queen in her opening speech. I would like to point out that's it is of course purely coincidental, - and certainly not a "feminist coup d'état​​" - that women dominate today's official opening. But as it happens, I am here today Accompanied by three women in leading positions (...). 
Photo: Carl-Erik Eriksson
Fisher Elisabeth Aspaker, Trondheim Mayor Rita Ottervik and fisheries director Liv Holmefjord, who is also chairman of the Nor-Fishing. The Nor-Fishing Foundation was established by the Ministry of Fisheries in 1992 and today has the right and responsibility to hold the exhibition Nor-Fishing and Aqua Nor. 
The fishing industry is vital to the world's food supply, and we must act wisely stressed the Queen: 
We are now seven trillion people on the planet. And the population is growing rapidly. All these people need food. Part of the solution to this challenge lies in the oceans. But in order to protect the resources industry in the oceans also for future generations, we need sustainable management. Education, knowledge, and good solutions are vital if the world is two succeed in harvesting the resources industry so important for everyone. We may have to act wisely! 

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