Monday, February 29, 2016

Norwegian roundup: King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon

Photo: Cornelius Poppe
Today, King Harald was present at the Supreme Court when Justice Tore Schei had his last working day.
Justice Chief is the head of the Supreme Court, and as such ranked fourth in the country, after the King, President of the Storting and the Prime Minister. All four attended the farewell ceremony of the Justice Chief today.
Tore Schei goes retiring after leading the nation's highest court since 2002. The Supreme Court has 20 judges, including the Justice Chief, and its main task is to seek clarification of the law and legal development.

Photo: Asgeir Spange Brekke, Forsvarsdepartementet
Meanwhile, Crown Prince Haakon laid the first stone of the new main base for the fighter aircrafts in Orland. When the new F-35 fighter planes arrive, the squadron will be built to be an important element in the implementation of effective education and training at the air base in Orland.
The new building will be on the entire 10,000 square meters and will accommodate two F-35 squadrons and a maintenance squadron. In addition, it will also contain eight simulators for operation planning, training and exercises.
The building will be ready in late 2016 so that it can cater for the new aircrafts being delivered in 2017. Before the ceremony, the Crown Prince had a briefing on the construction and status of the project by the CEO of the agency, Frode Sjursen.

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