Sunday, June 15, 2014

Crown Princess Mary says 'No' to Bullying.

Photo: Agnes Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended as usual the Fri For Mobberi (Free from bullying) Relay Race at Fælledparken in Copenhagen on 14 June.
The Mary Foundation, which is behind the popular race, and the Crown Princess have never made a secret of the fact that this is one of their priorities.
Bullying hurts, said Mary before the race sared with seriousness on her voice.
The idea for the course is one that she has taken from her home country, Australia, and the event was the seventh in a row.
Photo: AOP
Bullying is something we can refuse. Something we can say that we will not accept in our class, Mary said to the audience of children and wished everyone a 'really fun day and a fast race'.
1,500 children and their parents and grandparents had come to Copenhagen park and it was obvious that many had come just as much because of Mary that matter.
She looks so damn good told a father with astonishment in his voice to another father.
It was obvious that Mary enjoyed the afternoon as much as the kids. Thus, she was quite happy and excited in the middle of the large crowd of children and participated in the heating, as the stage was guided by none other than Hr. Skæg.
Photo: AOP
Thank you so much because you are jointly responsible for starting to say no to bullying. It means a lot that we are strong together, when we say no to bullying, said Mary.
Next weekend the race will be held in Aarhus.

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