Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swedish Royal Roundup.

On 11 June, King Carl Gustaf awarded medals at the Lovisa Ulrika room of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
Photo: Kungahuset.se
On 12 June, the King held an audience with Israeli President Yuli Edelstein. During his visit to Sweden, President Edelstein also met the Speaker of Parliament Per Westerberg, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Labour Minister Elisabeth Svantesson.
Photo: Kungahuset,se
On Friday, June 13 and Saturday June 14, Crown Princess Victoria took part in the celebration of Nordic Ark's 25 years. Nordic Ark works to give endangered species a future and has its operational headquarters in Aby manor in Bohuslän. Crown Princess Victoria is patron of the Nordic Ark. 
Photo: Kungahuset.se
The celebration began on Friday with a seminar at the University of Gothenburg where, among others, Professor Johan Rockström and wildlife photographer Mattias Klum attended and spoke on the theme of Nature's beauty - the future of welfare. 
Photo: Kungahuset.se
Saturday morning began for the Crown Princess with a tour of Scandinavia Arklänk. The guides were Norden Ark CEO Lena M. Lindén, President Göran Bengtsson and operations manager Linnea Johansson.
Photo: Kungahuset.se
On Sunday, June 15, King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria attended the ordination of Sweden's first fimale Archbishop, Antje Jackeléns in Uppsala Cathedral. 
Archbishop Antje Jackelénlänk is the 70th Archbishop of the order and the first woman at the office. Antje Jackelén succeeds Anders Wejryd who has held the office for eight years. 
Photo: Magnus Aronson/Svenska Kyrkan
The first archbishop in length was Stefan of Alvastra 1164-1185. Uppsala has been the archbishopric since 1164th Archbishop data includes consecrate new bishops and to preside over the Church Council and General Synod doctrinal committee. Swedish Church has 14 bishops and the archbishop is "primus inter pares", that is first among equals and sits as Chairman of the Bishops' Conference.
Photo: Magnus Aronson/Svenska Kyrkan
Today (16 June) Prince Daniel gave the Heart-Lung Foundation major research grant to Professor Jan Nilsson and Associate Professor Isabel Gonçalves at Lund University. Prince Daniel is the honorary chairman of the Heart-Lung Foundation. 
Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT
Each year, the Heart-Lung Foundation gives a research grant of SEK 15 million spread over three years. The grant is given to the pioneering Swedish heart-lung research that is considered of great importance to patients. This year, the allocation to Professor Jan Nilsson and Associate Professor Isabel Gonçalves at Lund University. They receive grant for their work on developing a vaccine against atherosclerosis as reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. 
Since 2012, Major research grant awarded by Prince Daniel, who is Heart-Lung Foundation Honorary Chairman.


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