Monday, June 2, 2014

King Olav V's Cancer Research Prize.

Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen, Det kongelige hoff.
King Harald awarded the King Olav V's Cancer Research Prize to Professor Harald Stenmark at the Norwegian Radium Hospital. Sten Mark's research has made ​​it possible to develop more targeted therapies. The Cancer Society is behind the prize, and General Secretary Anne-Lise Ryel held the welcome speech at the awards ceremony at the Banqueting Hall at the University of Oslo.
Photo: AL/NTB Scanpix.
Professor Stenmark got King Olav V's cancer research prize for his studies of how cells develop into cancer. He is particularly known for his research on how a cell develops into a cancer cell.
Stenmark is a professor of medicine at the University of Oslo and has led the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine at the Norwegian Radium Hospital since 2007 .
Photo: Lise Åserud, NTB scanpix.
King Olav V's Cancer Research Prize is awarded every year to a cancer researcher who has helped promote the Norwegian cancer research quality and scope. The award goes to the ultimate full range of Norwegian cancer research. The King Olav V's Cancer Research Fund was established on 29 April 1992 in memory of King Olav V. The prize winner receives an amount of 1 million , and the badge has high prestige in the Norwegian research community.

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