Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Cruise in Odense.

Photo: Martin Høien, Billed-Bladet ©
The Regent Couple continued with their Summer Cruise and the next stop was Odense on 19 June. Summer cruises in Odense. At the entrance to Odense Fjord, the Dannebrog crossed the newly opened swing bridge Odin's Bridge. When passing, they were saluted by Odense United Shooting Society.
Photo: Michael Bager, POLFOTO.
The royal couple arrived on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog to Odense Harbour, Eastern Wharf, at. 10:00, where they were recieved by the civil service director Lisa Haxgart that presents Mayor Anker Boye. After the welcome, the Royal Couple headed to the Odense City Hall, and were received by Mayor Anker Boye and 1st Deputy Mayor Brian Dybro.
Photo: Peter Leth-Larsen, POLFOTO ©
At Odense City Hall an official reception was held in the Town Hall, The Royal Couple visited Art Brandts and inspected the exhibition "TATOO - from naval heroes to the world of art". The exhibition will include an image of King Frederik IX.
Photo: Fotograf: Claus Fisker, Scanpix ©
The royal couple then visited robot company Universal Robots. The company develops robot arms, which among other automate repetitive processes in industry.
Photo: Fotograf: Claus Fisker, Scanpix ©
The Queen visited The red Infos established where urban revitalization of Odense city center takes place. The Queen also visited the city museum Møntergården who in 2013 underwent a major renovation. During the visit, the Queen was presented with Coins farm's new exhibition building.
Photo: Fotograf: Claus Fisker, Scanpix ©
Meanwhile, the Prince Consort visited the Church Army shelter in East Street, which opened in 2013. During his visit, the Prince Consort talked to the practice's users and was informed about the facilities. The Prince Consort also visited the Odense Marzipan and was shown around the company's production and packaging.
Photo: Fotograf: Niels Henrik Dam©
Then, the royal couple visited North Atlantic House at Port of Odense. Finally, the royal couple hosteda reception for invited guests on board the Royal Yacht.
Photo: Martin Høien, Billed-Bladet ©


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