Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crown Princess Victoria at the Royal Academy of Sciences

She's back! After her skiing accident, Crown Princess Victoria is back on the job and handed the Tobias Prize at the Royal Academy of Science.

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Victoria handed prize despite crack on the foot.
Despite the crack in the foot and a boot on the entire left foot fighting Victoria on with his official work as the crown princess of Sweden.- Otherwise she doing excellent. Isn't it clearly visible in the pictures? says Ulrika Näsholm at court.  
Crown Princess Victoria was on Wednesday evening at the Royal Academy of Science to hand the Tobias Prize - which supports research on stem cell transplants and blood diseases that can be treated with stem cell transplantation.
But it was not the Victoria we are accustomed to see who came up on stage. Or rather, jumped up on stage.
Problems with left foot
When it was time for Victoria to award this year's prize to Sten Eirik W. Jacobsen at the Karolinska Institute, it was only on one leg. The Crown Princess still has in fact problems with her left foot after a skiing accident at the end of last year during a holiday in Switzerland and Italy. Victoria fell so badly that she had to be transported by ambulance to a hospital in Switzerland.
- It was found a crack in the foot and that is why the Crown Princess still has that thing on the foot reminiscent of a shoe. She is not bandaged, but needs some time to have the shoe for the foot to heal, says Ulrika Näsholm at the court's information department.
So instead of setting the implements of Victoria's official events. During Wednesday evening, just before the awards ceremony, Victoria threw her crutches and hopped up on stage on one leg.
How is she?
- Fantastic good. It's just the foot, but otherwise everything is great, says Ulrika Näsholm.If more than a week go Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on several day official visit to Germany.
Will the boot be gone by then?
- Probably not, but we'll see whether it will not be an obstacle, says Ulrika Näsholm.
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