Thursday, January 9, 2014

The King and Queen received Sweden's Governors

Thursday, 9 January, the King and Queen recieved Sweden's governors at the Royal Palace. The King and Queen were handed a book of remembrance of their county visits during the Jubilee Year 2013.
It was on the occasion of the King's 40 years on the throne that the King and Queen of Sweden visited all 21 counties in 2013. The journey began in Kalmar County on 5 March and ended on 11 September in Jämtland.
Lars-Erik Lövdén, County Governor of Halland, handed the memory book and said:
- Thank you for a well executed Sweden Holidays! What I remember most from the King and Queen's visit is the enthusiasm of the visit and the large turnout. Many of us have fond memories of your visits and we have collected them in the book Food and meetings. It reflects both the local food and the program in text and images.
The King then thanked all the governors of the commitment that has made ​​the trips so memorable.
- We have experienced so much and met so many county residents during these trips. It's been amazing to see the rich country we have, we must both protect and develop. There is a fantastic go and a fighting spirit in Sweden as we have seen, especially entrepreneurship that we have read. The width? You have managed to pick up the special in every county and we have also seen the difficulties but also the solutions available to these problems. Inspiring! All in all - many thanks to you and all your staff who have made ​​these trips so successful.


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