Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Prince Carl Philip presents scolarships.

Today Prince Carl Philip handed out scholarships from the Prince Bertil and Princess Lilian Sports Foundation to Göran Andersson, Sara Ridder Lund and Martin Wiklund at The Royal Palace.
The Prince Bertil and Princess Lilian Sports Foundation's object is to promote Swedish sports through scholarships for leaders and instructors for training.

This year's fellows are:
Göran Andersson, Idrefjällens Orienteering Club, in order to develop the sport of orienteering in China by joining a "mentor-trainee" program in China.
Martin Wiklund, Roslagens Golf Club, to the studies in communicology develop expertise in the area of ​​utlärande.
Sara Ridder Lund, Spångavägen Hockey, to continue their education at elite coach education ETU.

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