Thursday, January 9, 2014

Program of Crown Princess Mary's visit to Myanmar

HRH The Crown Princess is traveling with the Minister of Development Rasmus Petersen to Myanmar on 10 - 12th January 2014. The visit is focused on women's difficult conditions in the impoverished Southeast Asian country, which after 50 years of military junta has been opened up to democratic reform , international development cooperation and foreign investment.

Crown Princess Mary is the patron of UNFPA and the Danish Refugee Council and will be visiting among other things one of UNFPA's centers and IDP camps supported by the Danish Refugee Council. The visit also focuses on a project that will be supported by the Danish Collection 2014, which takes place on 1 februar 2014.

Friday 10 January

UNFPA 's Youth Development Centre
HRH The Crown Princess visit UNFPA 's Youth Development Centre in Yangon , where a group of young people will be performing with a dance and music series used in the center's outreach and educational work. The young teachers from the center will provide information on the challenges faced by young Burmese faces. The Crown Princess will be shown center and will greet the young.

UNFPA, the UN Population Fund, which works to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, and that young people do not get HIV / AIDS.

Marie Stopes International Clinic
The Crown Princess visits the Marie Stopes International Clinic in Thingangyun, Yangon. The clinic is presented, and the Crown Princess greets place patients.

Marie Stopes International Clinic is a global organization working with family planning, infant care , HIV testing and treatment . The organization has worked in Myanmar since 1998.

The Crown Princess participates with Minister of Development Petersen in a reception for the Danes and employees in Danish companies in Myanmar as well as NGOs and other partners in Yangon.

Saturday the 11th January

Shwedagon Pagoda
The Crown Princess visit a 2,500 year old Buddhist temple of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

Meeting with Prime Minister of Rakhine , Rittwe
The Crown Princess attend a meeting with the Prime Minister of Rakhine State in the state capital Rittwe .

Briefing by the Danish Refugee Council
The Crown Princess participates in a briefing organized by the Danish Refugee Council concerning refugee situations and visits to IDP camps .

Sunday 12 January

Say Tha March Gyi
The Crown Princess visits the camp Say Tha March Gyi in Sittwe , where displaced Muslims are staying and will greet recipients of assistance from the Danish Refugee Council. The camp will also be financially supported by the Danish Collection 2014.

In Rakhine State , more than 115,000 people displaced and living in temporary camps.

Sat Roe Kya
The Crown Princess visits the camp Sat Roe Kya for internally displaced Buddhists and greets recipients of assistance from the Danish Refugee Council

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