Wednesday, April 9, 2014

King Carl Gustaf Opens Forest Industry Week In Sweden

Tuesday, April 8th The King opened the Forest Industry Week and gave Rates for Munich brewery in Stockholm.
The purpose of the Forest Industry Week is to create an arena where industry, politicians, unions and other stakeholders to meet and discuss current issues affecting the forestry industry.
Photo: Johan Ardefors / oneday photography

The day began with a talk by futurologist Magnus Lindkvist, who spoke under the title The vertical future - Creation or competition in tomorrow's forest industry?
Then the King awarded three prizes:
  • Gold Twig , which this year went to Herman Sundqvist, Forest Manager at Sveaskog, and Lennart Henriksson, an ecologist at the Natural & Human AB. The award goes to people on the national level have made ​​valuable contributions to forestry.
  • Count Carl Bernadotte forest price to Pär Lärkeryd, CEO of the Northern Forest Owners. The award is given for more than 50 years to a person who made ​​the Swedish forestry outstanding services. According instiftarens wishes awarded the prize often to people who fruitfully combines science with practice.
  • Foundation Gunnar Sundblad Research Foundation Skills Price was awarded the Gustav Nyström at KTH. The prize will encourage the development of Swedish pulp and paper industry.

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