Wednesday, April 2, 2014

King Carl Gustaf Visits "The Royal Seaport" in Stockholm

Today, April 2nd, King Carl Gustaf  is visiting various parts of the city of Stockholm to see how the city manages the population increased by urban planning, environmental engineering and infrastructure.  

The King started the day with an info session at the Innovation Office where he saw plans for the new building developments scheduled for various areas in Stockholm.


Since 2000 the population of Stockholm has increased 17,000 people per year, half of which are new borns. So providing housing options for all the new residents is very important. The city is planning on building more housing in the Royal Seaport area of Stockholm which is located near The Royal Palace in Stockholm.

Later The King toured around various building sites to see where the developments will be as well as seeing how nearly finished developments are doing in The Royal Seaport area.



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