Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Prince Daniel visited SKF and Rut & Circle

Yesterday (April 22nd 2014) Prince Daniel visited the industrial company SKF and the fashion company Rut & Circle in Gothenburg.

The visit began at SKF where Prince Daniel was a presentation of the company's history, and their current situation, the work in Göteborg and international business. The prince also took part in SKF's interactive exhibit showing uses for their products, such as wind turbines, ships and automobiles. At SKF Manufacturing Development Centre, Prince Daniel received demonstration of their future projects.

After SKF Prince Daniel visited Rut & Circle, the founder Caroline Hjelt is a part of Prince Daniel's Fellowship and entrepreneurship programs. Rut & Circle started in 2007 and has a turnover of approx. 100 million. The brand is represented with several concept stores, and at over 300 retailers throughout Scandinavia and Europe.



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