Monday, April 14, 2014

Norwegian Royal Roundup.

The Norwegian Royal Family has been working a lot this past week and unfortunately we haven't been updating on them. So we set up a Roundup for you to catch up on them!

95 Nations in One School
On 3 April, Queen Sonja made a visit to Sogn og Fjordane. She spent the evening with teachers and students at the Nordic United World College in Fjaler.
The school was founded in 1995 and was opened by Queen Sonja and Queen Noor of Jordan.

Photo: Liv Anette Luane, Det kongelige hoff
On 4 April, the Queen continued her visit and laid the foundation stone for the new dormitory building at the Nordic United World College.
Think about what it means when 200 students from 95 countries get to know  each other and get to know each other's culture. I think it's a brilliant move that we should have more of around the world, said the Queen after the foundation laying ceremony.
Photo: Edmund Cluett
In the afternoon, the Queen visited  Åmot Farm Bygstad. The hosts at the farm, Steinar Sørlie and Yngve Brakstad, took courage and led Queen Sonja to the yard where it was arranged party program.
After a briefing on the various stands in the yard the procession went to the main house on Åmot farm. 

Photo: Edmund Cluett

On 8 April Crown Prince Haakon was present at the Opening Ceremony of "Innovation in Community", the KS Corporate meeting that was held on 8-9 April in Fornebu.
On 10 April, the Crown Prince handed the Export Award 2014 to Jets Vacuum. The company manufactures advanced sanitation solutions - vacuum toilets - which reduces water consumption to one-eighth of normal.

Annual Report 2013
The Royal Court released the Annual Report. The annual report contains an overview of the Royal House official program, a presentation of the Royal Court and the court activities and accounts of the royal civil list, Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince and Crown Princess's staff and Open Castle.
His Majesty the King in 2013 attended by 314 official engagements in Norway and internationally, while HM The Queen attended by 98 official engagements, HRH Crown Prince attended by 200 official engagements and HRH Crown Princess at 72 official missions.


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