Friday, June 27, 2014

Prince Carl Philip's engagement to Sofia Hellqvist.

"I have the incredible honour of being engaged to this fantastic girl," an excited Carl Philip told the waiting journalists, while Sofia added "Carl Philip is the most humble person I have ever met, which is what made me fall for him in the beginning. He has one of the most beautiful hearts, he is very warm."
The Swedish Court announced the engagement between Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist shortly before the couple gave a press conference.
The Marshal of the Realm is today pleased to announce the engagement between Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist. After H. M. The King gave his consent to Prince Carl Philip to marry MissSofia Hellqvist, HM The king, in accordance with the Constitutional provisionsobtaining government consent. Date for the wedding has not yet been identified, but is scheduled to take place during the summer of 2015.
Prince Carl Philip proposed this morning on the couple's summer home. 
I was surprised and so clearly said yes. It feels really good and just right that, finally, we become a team. said a glowing Sofia Hellqvist during the press conference that took place at the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
The couple was later joined by the King and Queen who clearly let know to the press that they are happy with the announcement. A smiling Queen Silvia said "We have waited and waited and waited..."
Official photos:

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