Monday, May 5, 2014

Crown Prince Haakon in Stockholm.

L to R: Prince Daniel, Crown Princess Victoria, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Prince Haakon, Princess Christina, Mr. Tord Magnuson. Photo:
HRH Crown Prince Haakon attended the seminar and concert at the Royal Palace in Stockholm on the occasion of the creation of the Norwegian Constitution in 1814 and 200 years of peace between the Nordic countries. The Swedish King and Queen, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Christina also attended the historic Seminary at the Bernadotte Library and a concert where "Requiem for King Carl Johan" was performed.


On his speech at the conclusion of the seminar, Crown Prince Haakon remarked the strong ties between Norway and Sweden:
Norway and Sweden are very close to each other, and the historical ties are incredibly strong. Today, we work well in all areas - and we aim to further develop this cooperation.
The Crown Prince also drew attention to how what happened 200 years ago helped to shape the current two nations:
In Norway, the year 1814 marked the entrance of independence as a nation. And the King said; for Sweden was the start of a period of uninterrupted peace that still lasts. Union bound our countries together, but not stronger than that it was possible to dissolve it in a peaceful way without it coming to war-91 years after it was signed,said the Crown Prince.
Photo: Pontus Lundahl, NTB scanpix
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