Thursday, May 22, 2014

Press Release from the Swedish Court.

Photo: Brigitte Grenfeldt, Royal Court, Sweden
Lately there has been some controversy on whether or not Princess Madeleine has been violating the terms of being a member of The Swedish Royal Family; so today the Swedish Court released a press statement about the issue.
Princess Madeleine owns a minority stake of 5% in three of Mr. Christopher O’Neill commercial companies. The remaining 95% is owned by Mr O’Neill. Princess Madeleine’s ownership does not give right to dividends in any of the companies.Princess Madeleine is not employed in any of the companies, not included in any of the companies’ management and supporting nor any compensation from the companies. Princess Madeleine is not engaged in business.Ownership of Minorities is not in conflict with what Princess Madeleine as a member of the royal family can own.

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