Friday, May 2, 2014

Prince Henrik recieves the first potatoes.

Prince Henrik received on Wednesday, April 30 the first Danish potatoes. The potatoes were presented by the chairman of the Danish Kartoffelråd Britta Schall Holberg, the Potato Council founder Jørn Larsen, the CEO of the potato Company Viggo Nørtoft and postman in Odense Carsten Kjær.
Photo: Christian Meyer, Kongehuset ©
The presentation of the potatoes were from Bogense area on Funen, took place in Christian IX's Palace, Amalienborg.
Photo: Christian Meyer, Kongehuset ©
It is a tradition that the winning potatoes from DM Cultivation of outdoor potatoes are transferred to Post Denmark that bring the potatoes to the Crown. DM Cultivation of outdoor potatoes is hosted by Denmark Kartoffelråd.
Photo: Christian Meyer, Kongehuset ©

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