Saturday, May 17, 2014

Princess Estelle Visits Linköping Castle and Inaugurates Fairytale Trail at Tåkern.

Photo: David Sica/Stella Pictures
The visit began at Linköping castle where Governor Elisabeth Nilsson welcomed the Royal visitors to the county. In Linköping Castle there is now the Duchess Estelle salon that was shown by royal architect Mats Fredriksson and museum director Mark Lindberg. The salon is located next to the dining room where lunch was served.
Photo: Patrick Van Katwijk/Stella Pictures
In the afternoon, the Crown Princess Couple and Princess Estelle visited Tåkern, one of northern Europe’s most important bird lakes. The Crown Princess Couple and Princess Estelle opened the fairytale path that Princess Estelle got as Christening gift in May 2012. The trail is 700 meters long and along the trail there are ten stations with figures and experiences for all children. Along the trail are colorful illustrations that tell a story, connecting the stations and for the visitor forward along the path.
Photo: Anna Hållams/TT
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